Virtualization is a term that refers to specialized techniques and approaches that can be used to create shared or virtual instances of something verse an actual instance.  These shared resources or virtual instances allow for better utilization of resources and reduce waste.  Virtualization can be done with Operating systems (Severs and Desktops), Network resources, Applications and more.  Each of these different types of virtualization requires different approaches and also can provide an array of different benefits, but one important benefit is increased agility for your business.

Server Consolidation

Server virtualization offers genuine benefits in terms of cost savings, enhanced server performance and reduced storage requirements, but it can also create an environment that offers increased flexibility and improved uptime.  Using virtualization your company will be able to consolidate your physical servers and reduce your datacenter sprawl.   Aurora Blue Technologies’ team of engineers have the experience and expertise to create the right solution for your business to ensure all of the benefits are realized.

Server Virtualization Benefits

Application Delivery

Virtualized application delivery provides increase efficiency not only in the datacenter, but for your end users.  This technology turns your servers into a secure access point for client applications and files that allows for increased accessibility and on-demand access for your users.

Instead of installing dozens of application on each workstation and virtualized application can be used by the users, but never installed on their physical end point.  This solution offers a board array of benefits for your organization.

Virtual Application Delivery Benefits

Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Virtual desktops offer a combination of server and application virtualization benefits, all of which create an overall benefit to end users.   Desktop virtualization is not a one size fits all approach due to the many different options available.  Aurora Blue Technologies team of engineers will assess your business situation and will offer the best solution for your business.

VDI Benefits