Organizations are seeking high-speed data storage and protection for critical data including large images, audio, and video files in addition to the classic data structures associated with large databases or transactional systems. Interconnecting data storage devices with Data Servers using Fibre Channel or iSCSI interfaces. At the core of any storage platform should be three basic abilities: storing data, protecting data, and movement of this data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We focus on being experts in selecting best of breed storage platforms so that we can help our customers make the best-educated decisions when faced with expensive storage challenges. Customers should be able to choose the best solution based solely upon the needs of their project as every project comes with its own unique requirements and challenges.

All of our SAN solutions are backed with professional services to assist with installation, implementation and ongoing support. Our engineers bring many years of real-world experience and high level industry certifications to support our customers’ needs.

Other key storage related components and services include:

Saving money by reducing storage space requirements is just one benefit of data de-duplication. The ability to perform intelligent compression or single instance storage of data at the file, block or even bit level is the basic principal behind this technology. Adding off-site bandwidth friendly replication between de-duplication devices is just part of the strategy with this technology. We can provide your organization with numerous solutions including products from ExaGrid. Software solutions include HP, Commvault, InMage, Symantec and Quest Software.
Another service we provide is high capacity, expandable data storage solutions,  designed around specific use cases using products from solution providers such as Drobo and Scale Computing.
We can provide you with the consultation and engineering services necessary to implement redundancy and high availability at the storage layer of your network and also offer the option of seamlessly using disparate SAN vendors.