Increased Mobility requires a secure solution

Remote access used to be limited to traveling executives or salespeople, while most employees worked exclusively in the office on a wired network connection. This has changed dramatically in recent years, as the need for greater mobility and agility in business has led people to work in more places, and move more frequently among locations, than ever before. While remote access once required a dial-up connection, people can now connect instantly from anywhere on many types of devices. Simple, pervasive connectivity and device-independent computing have become central to the modern consumer lifestyle, and people increasingly expect similar mobility and flexibility in the way they work.

It’s not enough for IT to think through its remote access strategy from the perspectives of administration and security; it’s equally important, and can be equally challenging, to ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience in every scenario. To be fully productive, people need to be able to get right to work on the devices they choose, anywhere they go, without frustrating security or usability roadblocks.

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Remote Access for today's work style.

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Delivering the best experience for remote users

To give users a great remote access experience, while meeting IT’s requirements for security and manageability, your remote access strategy should consider the following items.

  • A single point of access for apps and data, with a consistent user experience
  • The ability to access services over any type of network connection without
    adding complexity
  • A high-quality user experience no matter what type of device they choose to use
  • A simple, consistent remote access method regardless of whether they connect
    on an internal or external network
  • Convenient and secure data access
  • Complete functionality for Windows applications and desktops on
    touch-screen devices

Remote access is quickly becoming a regular part of everyday life for more and more workers. By making user experience a top priority, Aurora Blue Technologies can help you design a solution that goes beyond enabling remote access. Providing users a simple, consistent experience no matter how or where they work, while addressing your security and manageability requirements.