Logo Basics

The Aurora Blue Technologies logo consists of two elements that work together as a whole – the logotype and the icon. Never separate these elements. The logo is a unique and precise piece of artwork. Do not alter it in any way. Always use the logo exactly as specified in these guidelines.

Logo Usage

Clear Space

The logo should always be positioned for clear visibility and legibility. It should have clear space to ensure acceptable separation from distracting or conflicting elements. The minimum space required on all four sides is the height of the A in the logotype. No graphic elements, text or images of any kind should intrude into this area.

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, the logo must be at least 1.2″ as measured by the width of the logotype. For online use, the logo should never be smaller than 190 pixels wide.

Logo Proportion

The logo should not appear inappropriately large on any layout, surface or display. It should be proportionate to the other elements surrounding it. The width of the logo should not exceed 30 percent of the total width of the layout.

Logo and Color

White is the preferred background color for the logo in positive form. The logo should only appear in reverse (white) on a black or colored background.

Logo usage for partners

It is important that the integrity of the logo remain first priority. The clear space and minimum size standards must be adhered to.

If you have any questions concerning the logo use, please contact our Marketing department. marketing@aurorabluetech.com

ABT Color Logo

Zip file includes our color logo in JPG,PNG and EPS format.

ABT Reverse Logo

Zip file includes our color logo in JPG,PNG and EPS format.