Desktops Available When and Where You Work.

Today’s workforce is more agile, more productive and more demanding. Employees work anytime of the day or night, they work from home or on the road and they prefer to use their own devices. Business is an always on and your company and your employees must be equipped to handle the reality of this fast paced world. Your employees can’t be tethered to a desk. They must be able to access their desktop anywhere, anytime and on the device that’s most convenient for them.

Hosted Desktops or DaaS (Desktop as a Service) enables your workers and their workstations to work from anywhere, providing flexibility and mobility, while ensuring security for those who want to use their own device.

DaaS allows your desktop to go with you. Your desktop becomes a virtual device that you can access securely anytime and anywhere from your tablet, laptop, netbook, thin client, smartphone and more.

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Transitioning to Hosted Desktops

Your hosted desktop runs on a highly available server farm. It replaces the traditional processor, storage, operating systems, applications and user settings from your physical desktop with a manageable, scalable, and agile data center system.

DaaS allows secure access to your data typically stored on your physical desktop from any device, anywhere outside your office. Whether you access it from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other device, the data never leaves the datacenter. DaaS is perfect for all corporate employees, especially task workers, external contractors, temporary users, knowledge users and corporate road warriors.